Homeownership Preservation

Center for Financial Health, a HUD-and-MSHDA-approved Housing Counseling Agency serves homeowners struggling to make their mortgage payment or in managing their money or household budgets. FREE help is available, whether homeowners are current on their mortgage payments or behind and already in some stage of the foreclosure process.

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Executive Director, Denise Keiser, joined Fox 47 Morning Blend Show to discuss the Michigan non-profit , Center for Financial Health, that focuses on housing and financial counseling. In this Episode, Keiser expresses her concern with the number of home foreclosures still taking place in throughout the State of Michigan and wants consumers to know HELP is still available.

Property Tax Foreclosure Prevention Counseling at Center for Financial Health

Executive Director, Denise Keiser, discusses Foreclosure Prevention methods on Fox 47's Morning Blend. 

  • Are you a homeowner struggling to make your mortgage payments or other debt obligations and need help in developing a successful money management plan?

  • Are you a homeowner behind on your mortgage payments and need help exploring options to prevent a mortgage foreclosure?

  • Are you homeowner behind in your property taxes?

  • Avoid SCAMS!

    Has someone offered or promised you loan modification or other solution to prevent a mortgage foreclosure for a FEE? You may have been a victim to a SCAMM!

    With the national foreclosure rate persistently high, many homeowners have turned to loan modification or foreclosure "rescue" companies for help – only to realize they've been scammed. Anyone can become a victim of a loan modification scam. Learn the signs to avoid becoming a victim --or if you are a vicitm, learn how to report a scam! FREE help is available. Call today (517)708-2550.