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30 Day Money Challenge -- Day 8: Get Organized

It is day 8 of the 30 Day Money Challenge, and we are getting a grip on our money day by day by completing simple daily tasks. Today’s job is to get organized so that you can create an informed and realistic plan for your money.

So, let’s get started!

Gather all of your bills and account statements and keep them in one place – a folder, a drawer, or if you have gone to paperless statements, organize them in an app on your phone or computer. You need to know each bill amount, its due date and balance.

Are you using mobile banking?

If you are not using your bank’s mobile app yet, perhaps its time to get started. Mobile banking apps provide you with many great features, including instant access to account balances, bill pay, notification of bill due dates, and some apps even organize your spending by expense categories.

Once you have your bills and account statements organized, you will have a better handle on your expenses, and you will be ready for your next task in the challenge –creating a realistic budget!

Denise Keiser is a financial coach on a mission to help everyday people manage their money well so that they may build sustainable wealth and stop stressing about their financial security. She is seen on TV as the “Money Expert” for WLNS-6 Lansing’s “Money Monday” where she provides weekly money tips and is the director of Center for Financial Health in Lansing, Michigan.