Helpful Forms

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  • Required for new clients seeking assistance with their existing home mortgage and lender.

  • This includes forms necessary for potential home-buyers who are interested in counseling.

  • This packet is for client who are seeking post-purchase counseling.

  • These are the guidelines and general regulations that we ask our clients to abide by when working with the Center for Financial Health.

  • A clarification of our Home Buyer Education attendance policy and corresponding fee policy.

  • This is an IRS form required by most lenders. It allows the lender to request a copy of the borrower's tax transcipt for the years indicated on the form.

  • This form is required by lenders for ALL self-employed, non-wage earning borrowers. This form is similiar to the Schedule C of the Federal Tax Return - Profit and Loss from Business.

    Typically, this form will be required every quarter from your lender throughout the Modification request period. Be sure to provide your lender with a type-written statement; handwritten statements are often times not accpetable to the lender.

  • A completed Budget form is required for all modification request packages and will sometimes need to be updated throughout the modification request period.

    The Budget form is a useful tool for pre-purchase clients as well - or anyone looking to modifiy their spending habits!

  • Use this helpful form to keep track of your follow-up calls to your lender while you are waiting for an answer on your modification request. It is important to call your lender every few weeks to check the status of your modificaiton request. Firstly, be sure to ask for the Loss Mitigation Department and let the person answering the call know that you have submitted a request for modifciation to the Lender. If you don't find the right department with the first call, hang up and call again - someone different will likely answer and will hopefully be more helpful. Don't get discouraged. Keep up with your weekly or biweekly calls to your lender to be sure your application is processed in a timely manner.

  • This form helps define the roles of your counselors and you, the client.

  • This is the Request for Modification Form for the "Home Affordable Modificaiton Program (HAMP)." This is the modificaiton program that your lender will most likely determine if you qualify for before looking at other workout options.